Color Me Pottery..Fun beyond imagination!

Pottery To Go

A group ceramic-painting experience right in the comfort of your own home or office.

Using the latest ceramic painting materials and techniques, Kitty or one of her trained staff artists will travel to your home or corporate business function to lead your group on a creative, ceramic-painting journey.

Party On Wheels

The ideal creative pottery painting experience for children who want to have their birthday party or special occasion right at home.

Summer Activities

Color Me Pottery offers painting many sessions for your children throughout the summer.

Join your child as we conduct 1 and 2 hour painting sessions midweek throughout June and August.

School Projects / Fund-raisers / Silent Auctions

Come in and select from hundreds of cool items and have the kids turn them into the masterpiece that every parent will want to bid on at the next school silent auction or fund-raiser.

Color Me Pottery provides all the bisques pieces and supplies for on-location pottery painting at your child's school. When your class is finished return the pieces to our studio for glazing and firing. We'll have them finished in five to eight business days.

This program can be supplemented by a trained Color Me Pottery artist.

Births - Weddings - Retirements

Commemorate your next special occasion by asking all of your guests, friends, and family members to sign a one-of a kind plate, platter, pitcher, or other item.

Simply select your piece at Color Me Pottery along with the necessary supplies. Take it to your special occasion for signing and painting and return it to us for glazing and firing.

Makes an incredible gift for the new parent, bride and groom, or retiree.

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Created with inspiration from Jo Yee & Weng Ho Chan